Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mentee Spotlight


In my process of applying to graduate school over the past few months, Aziz Jalil [Mentor and Sphere director for Science and Research] has mentored me and provided me with countless constructive feedback on both my personal statement and resume.  He is a punctual and diligent person who has been responsive to emails including questions and concerns. He demonstrated a genuine interest in my success and endeavors which was evident in his positive attitude. He taught me how to highlight significant attributes and skill-sets that I have which would make me stand out from other applicants.

In addition, he suggested different techniques and approaches that I can consider to improve my writing including grammar, structure, organization, and format. I greatly appreciate his willingness to give me guidance by sharing his knowledge and experiences with me. 

While he is a graduate student with his own responsibilities and work load, he was organized and professional by setting deadlines and would provide constructive criticism. His commentary and efforts were immensely helpful. Although back-and-forth revisions are bothersome and it was not his responsibility to continue helping me, Aziz did not push me away whenever I asked for his expertise and feedback. Once the paper was complete, a research supervisor who once served on the selection committee read my final draft and praised me on how well-written and rich it was. With Aziz’s guidance, professional advice, and approachability, I was able to meet my own expectations and meet the requirements prior to the deadline. I highly recommend him as a mentor/advisor to anyone.

-Mentee, Science and Research Sphere

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